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Welcome to RAMIT, we're glad you found your way here, its important to us that people know who we are and what we're about. We're here to help, by any and all means.

Mental Illness is a darkness, and that darkness needs a light shining on it. We can't be that light alone, we need you.

Awareness is the first step to beating the many ills that trouble men all around the world. The second step is talking about those ills, the feelings that build up behind that invisible wall.

We work all year round to raise awareness with large events and social media campaigns. These events will allow us to raise crucial funds for our incredible partner charities.

Suicide is the highest killer in men under the age of 45. Three quarters, of ALL suicides, are men. This is unacceptable.

Our friends, over at Teac Tom and ManGang UK provide free access to essential, critical services for those contemplating suicide.

These services come at a cost and both charities work tirelessy to raise the funds to continue to provide them to anyone who needs them.

We do what we do to provide hope, and support these charities with regular donations and continuous awareness spreading.

Together, we are the change.